Anders Stengaard Sørensen


The AVR microcontrollers can be programmed from a host computer (PC) via a suitable programming interface. More than 10 different types of programming interfaces are popular with AVR users worldwide, and another 10-20 not so popular ones are probably in existance. The different programming interfaces differ on a number of points, like:

  • Whether they connect to the PC's serial- parallel- or USB-port
  • Which selection of AVR microcontrollers they can be used for
  • Which download PC-programs they can be used with

At Odense University College of Engineering (OUC/IOT), we have chosen to design an AVR programmer which is compatible to the STK-200. The STK-200 is one of the most popular AVR programmers beeing used by the international AVR community, due to its:

  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Low cost
  • Compactness
  • Compatibility to most AVR download software

Due to the low-cost design of our programmer, Odense University College of Engineering is able to offer a free programming interface to any of our students who have an educational interest in AVR programmers, either through an official course/project, or through a private project. As long as you learn something about programming microcontrollers, we are happy to give you this piece of equipment.

AVR ISP Photo In order to get your own programmer, please:
  1. Download and browse through this Users Guide (pdf)
  2. Pay a visit to Arne Madsen, to get the PCB and components.
  3. Assemble and test the programmer.

If you would like to make copies of our circuit, I am happy to share the design. Everything you need to know about the design is in the user guide. You are welcome to contact Anders Stengaard Sørensen if you would like the PCB in PS PDF or GERBER format.