Anders Stengaard Sørensen

ATmega128 adapter board

The ATmega128 is one of the largest and most advanced AVR microcontrollers. It features a broad range of build-in I/O technologies, from A/D converters over UARTS to timers and PWM uotputs. It's large memory/flash combined with its versatile I/O capabilities make it extremely interesting for experiements and courese within automation and embedded systems.


The ATmega128 is only available in a SMD package with narrow pin spacing, which makes it hard for students to use it for prototypes and experiments. In order to reduce this problem, I have developed a simple adapter that allow anyone to use the ATmega128 as a component with ordinary 100mils (2.54mm) pin spacing, and through-hole mointing.

The ATmega128 adapter described here, will enable you to use the ATmega128 microcontroller with simple (prototyping) Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's), without having to go into the design considerations asociated with Surface Mounted Design (SMD) components.

In order to get your own programmer, please:
  1. Download and browse through this Users Guide (pdf)
  2. Pay a visit to Anders Sørensen, to get the PCB and components.
  3. Assemble and test the programmer.

If you would like to make copies of our circuit, I am happy to share the design. Everything you need to know about the design is in the user guide. You are welcome to contact Anders Stengaard Sørensen if you would like the PCB in PS PDF or GERBER format.